How to Polish Granite Countertops

Granite countertops convey more than your good decorating taste. They impart a certain class and sophistication to your kitchen or bathroom. But when your granite counters look more dull and smudgy than polished and gleaming, that sophistication goes right out the window.  Fortunately, maintaining lustrous granite isn’t difficult; it simply requires a bit of diligence… Read more

Best Stone Countertops for Bathrooms

Once upon a time, most bathroom countertops were fashioned from the same boring, unattractive materials. Plastic laminate, ceramic tile, and early forms of engineered stone were commonly installed in residential bathrooms for decades. Today, however, homeowners have far more (and far better!) countertop options to choose from. At Wholesale Granite Direct, we offer an extensive… Read more

How to Care for Granite Countertops

People love their granite countertops. This is in no small part because they can be richly colored and deeply beautiful, but it’s also because they’re practical. Granite is the hard stone that can stand up to regular life. It’s harder to damage than most countertops, and people love that. Still, even with that legendary toughness,… Read more