Granite & Quartz Countertops in Benbrook, TX

Quartz Countertops

Granite Countertops Can Endow Any Kitchen with Natural Beauty.

If you desire to improve your bathroom or kitchen, think about the install of granite countertops. For any type of granite countertop, from polished and refined, to traditional and rustic, you can trust in the assortment and offerings of Wholesale Granite Direct. People who want totally natural countertops typically go for granite instead of manmade options like quartz, tile, or laminate. This means that, regardless of the unique kind of granite countertop you select, you can be confident you won’t encounter another quite the same.

Granite offers more positives in addition to its appearance. With adequate maintenance, your granite countertops can last for many years. Though porous and open to stains, granite will benefit from the application of sealant. In excess of 100 kinds of granite exist in various hues, styles, and prices. Call our team at 817-962-2616 if you necessitate help with your selection. For economical, stunning granite countertops in Benbrook, TX, trust the experts at Wholesale Granite Direct.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops

Granite and Quartz Also Work Wonders When Installed in a Bathroom.

Quartz typically gets included among the natural stones when one considers countertops. Many buyers have queries about the dissimilarities between quartz and granite. When compared to granite, quartz isn’t porous and has improved durability. Between the two, quartz’s lack of porousness makes it a more attractive choice for bathrooms. A large selection of colors and styles stands as quartz’s benefit from the manufacturing procedure.


Quartz and Granite Showroom & Warehouse

Between quartz and granite countertops, a large selection of picks exist. Our team can help you sort through this galaxy of choices to find your house’s perfect counters. Our Granite, Bathroom, and Kitchen Visualizer allows you to have a head-start on the complete process. We also maintain a warehouse and showroom when you desire to shop your options firsthand. When you want a exceptional selection and exceptional prices for quartz countertops in Benbrook, TX, look no further than Wholesale Granite Direct.

  • Granite Countertop As a wholly natural product, granite permits for a truly unique expression of style.
  • Quartz Countertop Quartz doesn’t possess the all-natural features of granite, but is more durable and non-porous.

Additional Stone Countertops

We offer many types of stone countertops in addition to quartz and granite. Marble provides a timeless beauty, whereas soapstone and slate each are popular choices. For a definitely unique kitchen, specialty stone countertops can involve everything from rare types of granite, to exotic stones and uncommon cuts. Euro style countertops supply yet another means to emphasize the visual effect of your selected countertop.

  • Natural Stone Our assortment of natural stone covers everything from marble to soapstone.
  • Specialty Stone These can include exceptional and unusual types of granite or quartz, in addition to more exotic selections.
  • Euro Style Also known as waterfall counters, Euro style installations let you really emphasize your exceptional stone countertops.


Quartz & Granite Installation & Sales

When people look at stone as a piece of home decor, they almost always think of granite and quartz. We actually supply a large selection of install services at Wholesale Granite Direct. If you love the design impact of stone, we can bring accents to almost any area in the residence. No kitchen looks complete in the absence of a backsplash, and natural stone showers bring a lot of appeal into bathrooms. When you think about other locations in the house, our granite remnants do quite well as accent elements.

    Edge Profiles

    Edge Profiles

    No granite or quartz countertops are complete unless they have an edge profile. The right edge profile can act as a dramatic complement to your counters. We maintain a complete assortment of edge profiles that includes complimentary and upgraded options, so that anyone can make a choice that works with their individual aesthetic.

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